Tips from shortlisted Young Writers of the Year

Last night Max Porter won the Sunday Times/ PFD Young Writer of the Year Award for his fantastic essay-cum-novella Grief is the Thing with Feathers (read my review of it here), beating poet Andrew Martin, novelist Benjamin Wood and short story writer Jessie Greengrass.

Waterstone’s asked the four shortlistees for their tips for writers young and old. Here they are, on the bookshop’s blog.

Before you click, ask yourself: what is the tip that three of the four put at the top of their list? Go on, I bet you can guess it…



Publishing experience opportunity: The Carole Blake Open Doors Project

Publishing has been working for a while to open itself out to people from a wider range of society, to stop it being such a closed shop in terms of race, class, wealth and geography. (It doesn’t have much of  a problem with gender bias.) One initiative that is trying to do something about this is the Carole Blake Open Doors Project, run by the Blake Friedmann literary agency, offering a week’s shadowing in the company, giving an invaluable insight into how books get published, and how the industry works.

The company says it will be “looking solely at applicants from backgrounds not well represented in publishing including those who have not been to college or university, those not from high income families, those from BAME backgrounds, and those who live outside the London metropolitan area.”

For more details, read the info on the Blake Friedman website. Closing date for applications for the work – which would be in May or June 2017 – is 31 December 2016, so get thinking and writing.