Alistair Gordon

Alastair_GordonCreative writing became a pillar of interest for me in 2009, following my emigration to Australia. My time there was lonely, and boredom bred bad habits; I used creative writing to transition from the addictive distraction of an online fantasy adventure roleplaying game (you might’ve heard of World of Warcraft) to story writing. What started as a fanfic of the character I played manifested into a novel of my own imagination, entitled Demons of the Evernorth.

I appreciate the imaginative writing of H.P. Lovecraft: particularly I enjoy reading his work aloud, as it’s leviathan composition and archaic language present a unique challenge. The Colour Out Of Space deserves mention as my favourite of his short stories, although there are plenty to choose from.

In recent months I’ve read Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park and The Lost World, which put the films to shame, frankly. Terrific work. The Eaters of the Dead is another I’ve relished, especially as it proved the source inspiration for my favourite motion picture, The 13th Warrior.


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