Lizzy Sandlin

Lizzy SandlinMy name is Lizzy Sandlin and I am 20 years old. I have lived in the small city of Chester my whole life, where I attended high school, and then went on to an A level college. After my A levels I took a gap year, in which I worked in advertising and also worked training horses, ponies and teaching young children how to ride. I have always lead an active life style; swimming, running, riding, cycling, wake boarding, sailing. I believe my life style has contributed to the shaping of my wild imagination. I love spending time with my friends and family, whether its just staying in and watching the rugby or going on crazy adventures to far away places. Its pretty obvious why I have chosen Creative writing as a course; I want to write, improve my skills and broaden my knowledge of writing. However, I  do have a thirst for knowledge of philosophy and human sciences, subjects I particularly enjoy writing about and discussing with my fellow peers. I have no solid plans for my future, but I would love to go into journalism and novel writing. 


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