Louise Fein

LouiseLouise has harboured a secret love of writing ever since falling in love with stories as a small child. She first qualified as a lawyer, then went into banking, becoming Managing Director of the thriving Commodities Department of a major European bank. She left eight years ago to start her own consultancy business in the area of commodity risk, serving both banks and commodity trading companies. With three children, this left little opportunity for writing. Afraid that the time may never be right to satisfy the writing itch, she embarked on the MA programme in September 2014 to learn as much as possible about the art of writing a novel and to embark on her own journey towards completing her first. She is currently working on a historic young adult novel. The book focusses on the brainwashing of a young mind, and the inner conflict of a girl seeking to find a course between that which she innately believes is right but goes against all that she has been taught to believe in. The novel is set in 1930’s Germany and follows the story of Hetty from the age of eleven in the year Hitler comes to power, until war breaks out when she is seventeen. Hetty is the daughter of a high ranking SS officer but falls in love with a Jew.


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