MA Creative Writing: First Novel

St Mary’s First Novel MA is different. This is not a course where you come to study and then leave. St Mary’s First Novel MA is a staging post in your writing life, a place where you will become part of a wider writing community who – if you wish to embrace them – will become a valuable part of your artistic journey.

41sXPZgjTHLWe are now in our second year, working across the production of novels by students from 2014, and 2015. Among others, we have a novel about a channel island serial killer, a novel about the life of Hector Berlioz, a novel about corporate takeovers and a novel about three generations of Londoner. We know each of these novels, intimately, and we know each of our writers too.

It’s a tough year of study, but a fun year, one that we hope will fill you with inspiration and ambition. Our tutors have written for a long time, are currently publishing, but most importantly, have taught for a long time too. We know what we are doing. It’s why visiting author and Costa 51NYJEIzKULAward Winner Nathan Filer called his recent visit to the St Mary’s MA group the ‘best conversation about my novel that I have ever had’. At the end of the year, we keep in touch, and many of our students keep working together to realise their aims of being published and read.

Writing a novel is not just another thing that you will do in your life, like a zumba class, or a bungee jump. To change the lives of others, your novel will first change you. You should consider this MA if you already know that you are writer, if your day isn’t quite complete because you haven’t thought about, researched or written a word of your novel. It is also a course for those who may have tried to complete a novel, but for one reason or another, haven’t quite got it right.

Visit our course pages on The St Mary’s website to find out what our students say and more.


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