Megan Seabrook

MeganYou are only allowed to continue reading if you vow not to judge…

Not judging? Good, continue.

Megan first fell in love with reading when she *sighs* read the Twilight books. It was a very dark time in her life; she hadn’t picked up a book and read for recreational purposes since primary school. Now remember that vow you took! She thought the books were amazing and was very surprised at how much she enjoyed actual reading. Megan had struggled with English and Literacy at school ever since she could remember, and avoided reading and writing like it was the plague (oh the irony!). After that series, she was a book worm. Still is to this day. However, she’s read much better books since then.

Fast forward five years and Megan is hoping to perfect her writing ability, learn everything there is to know about film and media, then get her degree. Plans for the future? Everything. Every job she can get her hands on; screenplay writing, journalism, film critic, sound operator, editor, making tea for the cast members, director, anything! All so she can become a Film Studies teacher later on in life with a bucket load of experience.


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