Murdo Searle

MurdoHi, my name’s Murdo, I’m nineteen years old and I love writing, in addition to this I’m fairly fond of reading. Genre for me is what decides whether or not I read a piece of writing, which I know I shouldn’t do, let alone admit too, but if I’m being honest, then hey ho as it goes. My writing isn’t so tainted by this at all, as for me, my writing is what I want to make it, and therefore I don’t grow bored of it. My favoured, putting it nicely, genres are: Sci-fi, supernatural and pretty much any form of fiction involving something totally implausible, as I feel like it gives me a release from the doldrums of day to day life. To put it in one simple line “I like my books how I want to live my life, full of excitement, mystery and fun.” If the book isn’t all three of these to some extent then in the famous words of Simon Cowell “It’s a no from me.” I decided to write this paragraph of mine as if it was me speaking to you, as after all, it is about me, so it only makes sense.


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