Riannah Donald

20150918_104052 (2)I first became interested in creative writing after reading YA novels and becoming annoyed at the representations of both genders. This spurned me on to create my own stories, in which I strive to challenge gender roles and stereotypes. I am yet to finish a novel, not because I have run out of ideas but because I believe that by finishing a novel you are ready to be judged in some way or form.

Genres I enjoy are historical, gothic, dystopian and fantasy. I would recommend the ‘Coldfire trilogy’ by Celia Friedman a fantasy series perfect for those who like their fantasies dark. Or for those who would like to sample a taste of the dystopian world, I would recommend reading George Orwell’s ‘1984’. The historical genre is a genre I enjoy both reading, and writing. And that is the best part about writing, learning and realising what you can do.


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