Tom Sutton

TomWriting has always been something that I have enjoyed immensely but never done a great deal of; I have written a novel (albeit an extremely short and poor quality one), and I have some ideas that exist in plan form which I intend to start work on, but I have not written anything substantial in a number of months. Thus my decision to take a Creative and Professional Writing degree, as well as being a way for me to expand the areas in which I read and write and explore different styles, ithe degree is also in part, to urge myself to write far more frequently. However, I read a great deal — every day if I can — and as such the things that I read (including a number of fiction authors such as Stephen King, John Green, David Levithan, and Darren Shan) not only act as entertainment and creative inspiration; they also fuel my desire to write and be published, a goal which both inspired, and was inspired, by my decision to write a book


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